A Super Bowl Menu to Achieve MVP

I quite enjoy Super Bowl. For the competition of course, but I equally enjoy the commercials and the food.

My husband is going for the underdogs, the Atlanta Falcons, because his team, the Cowboys, didn’t make it this year. I on the other hand will be quite alright if the New England Patriots win. Tom Brady is easy on the eyes.

I also worked with Tom’s wife Gisele a couple of times while in the fashion industry in New York and she’s the epitome of a cool, chic Mom. She’s not just surface beautiful. She’s funny, down-to-earth, genuine and kind. So, go Patriots!

I’m making an assortment of apps. Garlic and Parsley Butter Shrimp, Corn and Tomato Dip, Chicken Wings – fried, buffalo and honey glazed, Seafood and Veggie Dip and Crab Wontons.

A couple of them are what I call Tried and True. I discovered them online, tried ‘em and loved ‘em because they are the damn truth.

The first two come from Jo Cooks. She is someone I follow on Pinterest and have come to respect. Every recipe I’ve made of hers has been one I’ll make again.

Garlic and Parsley Butter Shrimp

I love this recipe so much that I made a pasta dish using similar ingredients, which was also great. The sauce is everything. Make some pull-apart rolls and dip the bread into the sauce. Thank me later.

This dish is extremely easy to make. And will please even the pickiest eaters.


Spicy Cheesy Corn and Tomato Dip

Anything with corn and tomatoes is pretty much a winner to me. And the heat from the serrano pepper and earthiness from the combinations of cheeses add to what had me at “corn and tomato.”

Chicken Wings

My Chicken Wings aren’t fancy but they are always the first to go. This recipe has three options. Make one or all three. Fried wings, buffalo wings and honey glazed. I suggest these with a bottle of beer. Beer and wings were made to go together.


Seafood and Veggie Dip

I love a seafood dip and this is one of my favorites because of the extra flavor from the vegetables. It can also be made with just shrimp or just crab but both is best. And the vegetables make me feel like I’m eating healthy.


Crab Wontons

I’ve had this recipe for years and it gets better every  time I make it. This one is more time-consuming than the other recipes listed here but well worth the effort. You can also add imitaion lobster meat for added goodness.


Happy game-day eating. A napping after you’re full on apps.


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